Cut & Style

Our haircut services include an in-depth consultation

Come in for a relaxing shampoo & scalp massage, a mini stress-relief shoulder massage, customized haircut, home hair care recommendations, and finish with a blow-dry style. All haircuts come with one complimentary bang trim (women) or cleanup (men) in between haircuts.

Service Price
Haircut w/ Senior Stylist 85
Children (dry cut) 40
Children (Wash, Cut, & Blow Dry) 55

Includes Wash and Blowout!

NEW Calligraphy Cut

Introducing the “Calligraphy Cut” – a hairdressing technique that uses a new precision-sharp pen-shaped tool to create artistic cuts with volume, texture and bounce without split ends.  Inspired by fresh-cut flowers and introduced in Europe over 20 years ago, this technique is now being taught in the U.S.

We’re stoked to announce that Jack is now certified to offer this unique cutting style.

Calligraphy Cut - Before & After
Service Price
Calligraphy Cut (Includes deep-conditioning treatment) $105

Whether its “just for the hell of it”, your monthly GNO, or to look polished at your upcoming event, we have you covered!

Service Price
Blow-Dry 55+
Blow-Dry/Iron Work 75+
Updo 85+

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